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As we all go through this journey of spiritual awakening and personal growth, powerful insights need to be acknowledged.

Here, you’ll generally read thoughts and experiences in self-discovery, growth and consciousness expansion. We are a community, which means that this space is for all of us to contribute to. If you have something that you’d like to share about your own experiences, please let us know as we’d love to feature you. That is what it’s all about.

This is a space to reflect on life and the amazing journey that it is for the Soul to be human. Granted, sometimes that’s a bit painful, but hey, that’s how we learn and it sure makes us appreciate the good things, doesn’t it? Pain is necessary. Suffering is optional.

Let’s make the journey more blissful by holding each other and sharing our learnings so that we go through it all with more love and compassion for ourselves and others.

Hope to see more of you around here!

The biggest pain in life

You can’t control control, can you? It controls you the more you try and control it. It ignites resistance […] you may feel the need to control what you think your circumstances should look like on the outside […]

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The origin of the Ego

How many social, cultural and religious beliefs have you stored since the day you were born? […] Beliefs can be disproved once the Soul takes control through the observation of the mind […]

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A review of the best Meditation Apps

[…] I got curious. I learnt more about meditation and its benefits, but I had a very hard time with the concept of “not thinking”… I love all these apps! …Meditation is an intensely personal experience, so choosing your meditation technique should reflect this too.

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Fleeting Awareness

I feel as if I have suddenly been awaken from a dream, but my eyes are still closed. Maybe I had fallen asleep for a few seconds. Might as well been hours, who knows. The palm of my left hand is burning. There is a bright yellowish light…

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Start with Self-compassion

[…] lying on my bed and doing absolutely nothing, I’m paralysed by this feeling of slowness. Of action-less bed gluttony. Of guilt and heaviness. […] Oh the anxiety. And I haven’t even mentioned the emails […]

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